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About Us

ALIOS SEAFOOD CORP. is a New York based
seafood importer & distributor.

Fish and seafood are among the most
traded commodities worldwide making the
world sea the seventh strongest economy in
the world if it was a country.

But despite of its size & social importance
very few of the consumers know what goes
behind the actual processes of harvesting
or growing seafood, ending in questionable
products on our plates in terms of quality,
sustainability but most importantly of

ALIOS in Greek means water originated. Plato
the philosopher however, defined ALIOS as
one that brings truth in matters where
individual characteristics & particularities are
hardly distinguishable.

ALIOS SEAFOOD CORP. pledges to shed light
on the opaque & often misunderstood
industry of fishing and aquaculture,
collaborating exclusively with fisherman,
sea-farmers & retailers that share a common
respect for the oceans, their communities and
the knowledge of the public. Aiming to bring
the most ethical, nutritious & tasty seafood to
your table.



[email protected]
66 Rushmore Street
Westbury, NY

[email protected]
66 Rushmore Street
Westbury, NY